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Training Health Professionals


We can show you how to help many of your Type 2 and at-risk patients.

These are some ways we may be able to help:
  • Provide information and train you in the fundamentals of our dietary approach.
  • Establish protocols to identify those at risk for metabolic syndrome and prediabetes.
  • Provide on-site teaching and support, when it is feasible.
  • Help you establish a team approach within your practice.
  • Help your staff identify areas for exemplar role modeling.
  • Work with you to establish appropriate monitoring and patient follow-up.

As a not-for-profit, we utilize significant voluntary efforts and work without pharmaceutical or food industry support. In the past, we have relied upon cooperative efforts in presentations at CME activities, scientific venues and publications, social media support, popular publications, and direct communication to providers. Work with us to develop the best approach for implementing our work within your practice.

In addition to working with physicians (MD and DO) and mid-level providers (APRN and PA), we can also work with your team members. We also work with other providers, who are working within the scope of their training and license and with other appropriate professionals.

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If you or a loved one have been helped by our work or by the methods we advocate, please help us bring help to others.

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